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2019 Resolutions - Destroy Fast Fashion, Save the World

New Year's resolutions aren't for everyone. A lot of people don't like to make them because time is a human-made construct, and if you want to make a commitment to something, do it whenever you want instead of waiting for a fresh year. I can respect that, and I can also respect it when people decide to better themselves and use the ticking over of a new year as a springboard for their motivation. I find myself somewhere in the middle, and not just because my New Year resolutions are being made almost two weeks into January instead of the first of the month. Challenges like "Junk Free June" or "30 day plank challenge" appeal to me because a month isn't very long in the grand scheme of things. It's an easy commitment to make, and the results are generally achievable. The older I get the more I realise that a year isn't very long in the grand scheme of things either. So why not make some year-long (and hopefully, lifetime) goals? Fast Fashion

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